Residential electrical services basis is wiring. It is always fully covered within sheath insulation and all the wiring is hidden from view within walls and attic crawl spaces. That protects residents from any electrical shock. From a technical aspect, 80% of residential wiring are single phase and 120 Volts, built of three wires: neutral, positive and negative.

For some more demanding appliances, such as refrigerators, dryers, washers, air conditioning units, professionals use a two phase circuit of 240 Volts.

When it comes to all electrical wiring, the best option you can pick is to leave the work to the professional technicans. And that is precisely where MPower Services should come in. We offer comprehensive electrical wiring services for all houses, no matter the size of the property or scope of any potential project - we have tools and skills to complete them efficiently and accurately, while maintaining the highest standards of quality so our customers can expect only the best.

Nowadays, there is so many useful or simply interesting and cool gadgets to bring home and test that all electrical needs are constanlty expanding. The more gadgets and appliances you have, the more electrical switches and outlets you will need. Fortunately, we can help in that as well!

We pride ourselves on our completely dedicated and professional approach to every single job we undertake. Once our work is done, we pledge to leave your house clean and tidy, just like you deserve.