Fire alarms systems are basic safety features that should appear in every commercial and also residential facility. Proper fire protection services ensures the safety of all who live and work in a particular building.

We have a wide range of different fire alarms and early warning systems that fit small and big buildings, warehouses, offices, houses, garages and more. Professional inspection of property will let us decide and choose the best safety option, that should be installed. It can be just a simple but effective fire alarm for a residential use or the whole network of advanced systems for a huge factory or a warehouse.

Our team of highly trained and certified in life safety aspects professionals can also design, engineer and service all of your systems from start to finish.

We offer support for engineers, contractors, building owners, and local fire officials. You can be assured that with our assist, your fire alarm system will meet the highest level of life safety standards.

We always listen carefully to all your needs at MPower Services, so we can recommend you only the best fire alarm system, that will perfectly fit your particular situation. A highly skilled technician will assist you in the whole process of choosing from our wide group of alarm systems. Next step is installation and testing your new system to ensure it meets local and state fire safety codes.

You can rest and stop worrying, being assured that your property is as safe as it can be and that fire alarm system is operating within state and local requirements. Our experienced team guarantees nothing but the best and highest quality service, with responsiveness and professionalism. Don’t hesitate, give us a call and learn more about our safety offer!

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